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7 routes to visit Blaj

140 one-minute videos, daily on Facebook, described Blaj, its history, its people and its daily life, prior to Pope Francis' visit ito this little gem of Transylvania, on 2nd of June 2019. Now, these videos make up seven routes to visit the city, with 20 shortfilms, and are also joined in seven documentaries, that present Blaj from seven different angles and were aired on TVR, in June 2022.


Watch them  online or walk the city and discover it in an unexpected way. Maps below! 


Blajminute - Monday, in the footsteps of my mother

Blajminute - Monday, in the footsteps of my mother

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Monday, in the footsteps of my mother

My mother, Ileana Berlogea, studied in Blaj prior to 1948, when the totalitarian state banned the Greek-catholic church, united to Rome, and closed its library and its schools. My mother never said anything about this past during the communist regime. But all her life had been actually shaped by the school of Blaj, the passion for literature, theatre and European culture promoted here. 

In the footsteps of my mother


Blajminute - on Tuesdays, we go to school

Each Tuesday, young students from Blaj shared their experience at school. Some proposed their own one minute videos, such as Patricia Sas and Daria Gizdavu, now students at the Faculty of Television and Film, UBB, Cluj.