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"Race through history", a show built around a treasure hunt game through the fortified churches of Transylvania. Episode 5 in Criț.


A dialogue led by Horia Roman Patapievici, with Anca Berlogea, about Vladimir Ghika, the prince, priest and martyr. Aired by TVR Cultural in January 

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Together with TVR Cultural journalists, Anca Berlogea-Boariu and Christel Ungar, you will discover through images and words representatives of all the arts. Who they are, where they come from, what they have achieved so far and what they are preparing to offer the public in the future are some of the information you will find out by watching the portraits of your favorite artists.


A series of ten portraits of Romanians who had remarcble results in Italy, created by Anca Berlogea-Boariu and Claudia Duca, and coordinated by Mihaela Crăciun and Corina Dobre.

A project financed and promoted by the Romanian Government, the Department for Romanians Abroad.

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Three years after Pope Francis visit to Blaj, out the series of 140 minutes' films made prior to his arrival, seven documentaries were created that present Blaj from seven different point of views.

In 2022, the seven films were aired by TVR3 and TVR International.

Anca Berlogea despre Balanța

Interviews AARC

Almost 30 years after its premiere, the film "Te Oak" by Lucian Pintilie has received a new life. Deeply marked by her work experience as an assistant director on set in 1991, Anca Berlogea shares her impressions in an interview with Dana Medar.

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AFCN Awards

The "Writers' Road" project, carried out by the Signis Romania association in collaboration with the I.M.Clain National College and Blaj Running & Cycling Club, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, was nominated for the AFCN 2020 Awards, in the category of Written Culture Promotion.


Pope's visit to Romania

Before Pope Francis' visit to Romania, Digi24 in collaboration with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest, through Signis Romania, produced four tv shows in the four cities where the Sovereign Pontiff was invited, presented by Sanda Nicola.


Anca Berlogea-Boariu collaborated as a local producer on behalf of Signis for the show in Blaj and the one in Șumuleu Ciuc and was present as a guest at Blaj.

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For 140 days. Anca Berlogea-Boariu with students of Blaj presented the city, its people and its history through one daily video on FB. The films create also seven routes to visit Blaj and the news spread also on local and national media.


Blaj Team18

Theater and film made with and for young people: guest shows and films, creative workshops and a documentary theatre play made by and with students, Journey to the Great War. A pilot project in Blaj, carried out by Signis Romania, with the support of AFCN- National Cultural Fund Administration, Blaj City Hall and Renovabis Foundation.

Watch the news aired on TV.

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To my brother

Pope Francis declared the Romanian Vladimir Ghika a martyr for the faith, it was one of the first documents signed by the Sovereign Pontiff. Monsignor Vladimir Ghika died in Jilava Prison in 1954. His impressive story is told in Ana Boariu's documentary "To my Brother in Exile", broadcast for the first time at Digi24, including a debate with the director. Watch the broadcast.

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"The winter of our books "premiered at the National Radio Theater
2013. article by Domnica Țundrea

"The winter of our books" by Ana Boariu represents a disturbing combination of fiction and historical document, the remembrance of some emblematic destinies for Romanian spirituality, a retrospective look at Blaj from 1948 and 1968, crucial for the history of our country… Here, the focus is on Father Ştefan Manciulea, historian and geographer, priest, professor and memorialist, who, with wisdom and generosity, declared in 1984, a year before his death: I made only one policy: to love and serve my Romanian people and people ”.


The Great Highway

Ana Boariu, from the Gospel of John to August Strindberg
Yorrick, Oct 10, 2011
an interview conducted by Monica Andronescu
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