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film. a personal journey

Voicing and overcoming inner fears.

2017-2019: Short fiction films devised with acting students at 

            the University "Lucian Blaga", Sibiu. Acting class info&films


2016-2017: 2 x 12 short fiction films - MaxMedia Production

             Awareness Campaign against Fraud 

             Awareness Campaign for Security Issues



2015: The chestnut toy  - fiction short (13 min)

with sofia nicolaescu, tatiana iekel, claudia ieremia,

tania popa, florin kevorkian,

director of photography Tudor Lucaciu RSC

editor Dana Bunescu

produced with the support of atlantis film, cutare film, & fav

2014: Going south – docu-animation, short (3 min)

          based on cartoons and 3D photographs made by 

          Emil Racovitza during the Belgica trip in Antarctica

          animation: Alexandru Buzea

          produced by fav


Short fiction films

Short fiction films

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2019: scounting

"Mit dem Zug durch Transilvanien" by Grit Merten

a SWR - ARTE production

2015: local production coordinator

"Le miracle des abeilles - Medecines d'ailleurs"

ARTE series produced by Bonne Pioche, France

2014: location manager

 Aferim! by Radu Jude

Official Selection Berlin 2015

produced by HiFillm

2014: assistant director

Passing through the wall – short film by Radu Jude

produced by microfilm

2011 – 2013; executive producer

THE EXPLORER by Titus Muntean and Xantus Gabor

a feature lenghth documentary

in the footsteps of the Romanian scientist Emil Racovitza

filmed in Antarctica, France, Spain, Norway and Romania

produced by Fundația Arte Vizuale,

with the support of CNC Romania


2012: trainee

I’m a communist old rug by Stere Gulea

mediapropictures, romania


2001: making of director

Making of “Callas Forever by Franco ZEFFIRELLI

Media Pro Pictures (co-producer of the movie)

aired by ProCinema on the  14.11.2005


1991: second Assistant Director

THE OAK”, directed by Lucian PINTILIE

(Official Selection – Un certain regard, Cannes, 1992)

  Filmex Romania (co-producer of the movie)

cinema fest

2006-2007:   festival director 

“Facing children” 

Film Festival on Child Right


Main partners:  

ECF, Holland & RENOVABIS, Germ

2006-2009: project manager

UMA” – film training for children 

partner of TOMjr., UNICEF & ECF

cinema edu

2016-2019 .  Associated Lecturer

          Acting for Film Class

           Univ. of Sibiu. Depart. of Theatre Studies

2007-2009    Associated Lecturer

(as Project Manager of “Facing Children -

Film Festival on Child Rights”)

Faculty of Sociology and Social Care,


2007 - 2008  Associated Lecturer 

“Cinema and History of religion”

(optional lectures for film students)

University of Theatre and Film 

“I.L. Caragiale” (

1997 - 1998:  Assistant Lecturer

Acting classes for directors

(first year of studies, theatre directing)

 University of Theatre and Film

“I.L. Caragiale” (

Uma Iasi 2006
Uma Timisoara 2006
UMA Constanta 2007
UMA Constanta 2007
UMA, Iasi 2006
Uma Iasi, 2006
UMA 2007
UMA Bucharest 2007
filmin in Timisoara
UMA Timisoara 2006
dorin japonia.png


2007. In Timisoara.

Making of a video workshop

at Rudolf Walter Youth Center

trainers: Napoleon Helmis &

Dragos Popescu

workshop coordinator: Rodica Buzoianu

PR: Dana Medar

project coordinator: Ana Boariu

UMA: a tomjr. partner

supported by ECF, UNICEF and Renovabis


ABOUT creative learning projects

Since I moved to Blaj, in 2015, I started a series of creative learning projects, designed for young people. In parallel, I was teaching acting for film at the University of Sibiu, Theatre Department

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