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Site-specific, immersive theatre and gamification

From her graduation project in 1994 ongoing, Anca Berlogea has focused on site-specific and site-oriented projects, encompassing a tour on the way to Compostela with a performance based on the Gospel of John, co-directed with her professor, Dragos Galgotiu, in 2003.


While living in Blaj for five years, from 2015-2020, she involved more and more young people, reviving history and historical places through site-specific performances. This experiecne opened also new ways of perceiving theatre, including gamification. More on this below, on, a treasure hunt game in the surroundings of Blaj, in the footsteps of well-known writers of the region, who marked the history of Romanian language and politics. Theatrical improvisation games were part of the challenges, devised with students in 2020.

Two Strindberg projects are now in progress, one being "Easter - testimonies from the present", as an immersive site-oriented performance, and eventually also as a video-art installation. 

Work in progress 2022
Creative Learning - Via Scriptorum 2020

Confronting history through site-specific
and site-oriented theatre.

Documentary theatre in Blaj - 2016-2017
Journey through the Great War (2)
Documentary theatre (2017)
Labyrinth Theatre (2016)
Journey through the Great War (1)

2017: Journey through the Great War - documentary theatre based on journals, memoires and letters from WWI

A creative learning project for highschool students 

from I.M.Clain National College

and The Greek-catholic Highschool, Blaj

with Ioana Bogdan, Sonia Moșneag, Alexandru Maier, Cristi Benchea, Alin Floca, Ovidiu Cătălin Oltean, Sebastian Popescu, Daria Gizdavu, Daria Stoican, Patricia Sas, Miruna Rotaru (students)

and actors Florin Kevorkian, Alexandra Anușcă

and Constantin Cojocaru

music Francesco Agnello

project manager & director Ana Boariu

a SIGNIS Romania production with the support of

AFCN - Administrația Fondului Cultural Național,

Renovabis Foundation and the Cityhall of Blaj

2016: Journey through the Great War - a labyrinth theatre proposal for one spectator at a time. 

A creative learning project for highschool students.


Going through nine different spaces, each spectator was experiencing moments of WW1, as lived by the students of the highschool of Blaj.

With the participation of actors Constantin Cojocaru

and Florin Kevorkian.

project manager & director: Ana Boariu

a SIGNIS Romania production

in collaboration with the Greek-Catholic Highschool of Blaj

with the support of Primavera Association

Staging August Strindberg - 2011-2012
a reading

2012: Marriages by Strindberg – reading performance

National Theatre Festival,

August Strindberg – 100 year of reinterpretation


with Cristian Iacob, Gabriela Iacob, Anca Androne, Vlad Logican, Ioan Mihai Cortea, Elena Paun

and the participation of Francesco Agnello

and children from the School for visually impaired

directed by Ana Boariu


a UNITER production with the support of AFCN

the great highway

2011: The great highway by August Strindberg

– a happening


with Marian Râlea, Ioan Mihai Cortea,

Liliana Iorgulescu, Oana Rill

directed by Ana Boariu



a UNITER production with the support of AFCN

Bible as perfomance - 2003 & 2008
vladimir ghika:
a gospel mystery

2008: The adulterous woman

a gospel mistery by Vladimir Ghika

inspired by the Gospel of John


adaptation by Camelia Maxim

with Camelia Maxim, Dan Bădărău, Francesco Agnello

directed by Anca Berlogea (aka Ana Boariu)

costumes Doina Levintza

lights: Paul de Larminat

photography: Florin Costache

project manager: Anca Boariu


a Signis Romania production

in collaboration with A.I.R.C.A.C

with the support of Renovabis Foundation

and ICR – Cantemir Programm

memories of journeymen

2003:  Memories of journeymen 

the Gospel of John

and contemporary testimonies


with Ioana Abur, Anca Androne, Marie Virginie Cambriels, Constantin Cojocaru, Dan Bădărău, Emil Hoștină, Cristian Iacob, Marian Râlea, Aurelie Reygner, Gabriel Spahiu

co-directed by Dragos Galgoțiu and Ana Boariu (Berlogea)

PR coordinators: Vanina Vignal & Maria Morar

accoutant: Carmen Marinescu

location manager: Marie-Virginie Cambriels

project coordinator: Ana Boariu

project manager: Aura Corbeanu


with the support of the Culture 2000 Programme

Theatre performances during studies - 1991-1994
one act plays


1990: The condemned's bycicle by Fernando Arrabal

one act play; UNATC (ATF), Bucharest

with Cristian Iacob, Irina Movilă


1990: When we, the dead, will ressurect by Henrik Ibsen

one act play , UNATC (ATF) Bucharest

with Irina Movilă, Florin Piersic jr,

Adriana Moca, Dana Dembinski


exams in second year of theatre studies

professor Dragoș Galgoțiu


Maria 1714


1994: Maria 1714 by Ilie Păunescu

Cultural Centre Mogoșoaia

with Irina Movilă, Cristian Iacob, Gabi Costea, Marian Ghenea, Ionuț Brancu

directed by Anca Berlogea (aka Ana Boariu)




1992: Equus by Peter Shaffer

Cassadra Studio, UNATC, Bucharest

with Cristian Iacob, Irina Movilă, Marian Ghenea, Mihaela Sîrbu, Cristian Moțiu, Lioara Bradu

directed by Anca Berlogea (aka Ana Boariu)

UNITER award for Best theatre school performance

award for best student actor and student directing at the National Theatre Festival I.L.Caragiale

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