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With experience in news, documentaries, but also outdoor and treasure hunt games, the latest production developped and produced by Anca Berlogea-Boariu for TVR is "Race through history", a very special travel&gaming format, which started airing on TVR2 in spring 2023.

Making of Callas forever, Portraits of artists and of Romanians abroad, documentary films about the witnesses of the Catholic Church from the communist period, produced by Signis Romania, live reporting from the Vatican and live broadcasts, build the main portfolio of documentary and television films.


Race through history

8 x 46 min, 2023

Trailhunt through the fortified churches of Transylvania having as participants students. Gamification of history lessons. Filmed in Cisnadioara, Harman, Biertan, Mosna, Crit, Cristian, as well as the medieval city of Sighisoara.

directed by Anca Berlogea

presented by Adriana Irimescu

director of photography: Claudiu Petringenaru (7 ep),

Mihai Florea (5 ep), 

Mihai Costea (2 ep). Marian Oprea (2 episodes)

A second series discovered games and gamified artistic projects created in Timișoara 2023, European Capital of Cultural.

Making of Callas Forever
Race thrugh histry


makinf of callas.png

Making of Callas Forever

1 x 26 min, 2001

A documentary made in 2001 during the filming of Callas Forever, by Franco Zefirelli, on the sets of MediaPro in Buftea, aired by ProCinema on 14.11.2014.

Interviews with: Fanny Ardant, Jeremy Irons, Bruno Cesari, Luigi Sergianni, Stefano Ceccarelli, Serena Canevari, Martin Sherman, Franco Zefirelli

directed by Anca Berlogea

camera Dalila Dulgheru

editor Eduard Gheorghiu


Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an artist

Four portraits of four woman artists, made during the International Theatre Festival of Sibiu, as well as a docuemntary on the whole Festival - FITS 2022

(4x23 min).

Noa Wertheim - Pardes

Alexandra Badea - On the other side of the world

Sarah Brown - the stories of the synagogue of Sibiu

Ofelia Popii - the actress with thousand appearances

Find Beauty - FITS 2022

1 x 45 min

Constantin Chiriac, the president of FITS, his team and main partners, speak about the highlights of the International Theatre Festival, 2022.

Directed by Anca Berlogea-Boariu

Main director of photography Silviu Andrei

Edited by Anda Obretin

A series produced for TVR and premiered on TVR Cultural, 2-10 December 2022.


Romanian Presences in Italy

Maicuta fotbalista, Sora Emilia Jitaru antrenament terasa

6 x 25 min, interviews

Six portraits of women who have succeeded in their professional careers and stood out for their achievements are part of the series "Romanian presences in Italy", produced by TVRi and co-financed by the Department for Romanians Abroad.

These are :

Cătălina Oana Curceanu, director of research at INFN,

Luminița Țăranu, visual artist

Roxana Roman,fighter for justice,

Aurora Martin, Romanian language professor,

Daniela Movileanu, former chess champion of Italy

and sister Emilia Jitaru, Maestre Pie Venerini

Directed by Anca Berlogea-Boariu

Director of photography Claudiu Petringenaru.

Romanian presences in Italy


Seven witnesses for Little Rome

2019, documentary film, 52 min


Seven Bishops of the Romanian Catholic Church united to Rome, who died under the totalitarian persecution between 1950-1970, were beatified by Pope Francis on the 2nd of June in Blaj. Seven bishops of today are presenting their predecessors and their own call to follow Christ, before the fall of the dictatorship in 1989.


A documentary film with unique archives and a special interview given by cardinal Lucian Mureșan, the Major Archbishop of Alba Iulia and Făgăraș.

directed and edited by Anca Berlogea-Boariu

camera Bogdan Slăvescu

music by Liviu Elekeș

made with the support of Oeuvres d'Orient

Martyrs of the Church


To my brother in exile

Vladimir Ghika in Budapest at the Eucharistical Congress, 1938

2009, docu-drama, 52 minutes


From 1948 until 1952, when he was arrested, Vladimir Ghika wrote letters to his brother in exile, depicted the instalment of terror in the country. Himself, a Romanian prince, prince and martyr, was adressing his brother, Dimitrie Ghika former foreign minister of Romania in 1932, who had the chance to leave Romania with King Michael. 

Directed by Ana Boariu

Director of photography: Silviu Stavilă

Editor: Serban Georgescu

Produced by, Co-producer KTO, France; 

with the support of FAV & PHARE – PreMedia Support

aired on KTO, France; TSR, Switzerland; Polish Public Television; Digi24, Romania


UCIN Award for Best Documentary of 2009 (ex-aequo)

Beati Vladimir Ghyka


Memories of Journeymen

2003, 52 min, documentary

directed by Anca Berlogea

camera Florin Costache

The film is documenting a unique theatrical, spiritual and human experience of a group of Romanian and French artists, who made a tour to Compostella and performed the Gospel of John, read through the eyes and testimonies of man and women who suffered persecution. A project proposed and coordinated by Anca Berlogea, produced by Signis & Uniter.

compostela 0043 web.jpg
Towards Compostela


The Cardinal - Alexandru Todea

2000, documentary, 35 min

directed by Ana Boariu (aka Anca Berlogea)

camera: Florin Costache


In 1999, one highlight of Pope John Paul's II visit to Romania was his meeting with Cardinal Todea. The story of this extraordinary man who had the courage to stand for his faith during the communist regime, spending 16 years in prison and afterwards, forced to house arrest for 25 years, is told through interviews with people who met him and accompanied him during his life's journey mixed with personal archive footage. Ana Boariu (aka Anca Berlogea) with Florin Costache, were there to film special moments as well as a normal day of cardinal Todea's life, who suffered in 1992 a severe stroke which made him unable to walk and to talk for the rest of his life. Cardinal Alexandru died in May 2002.

Cardinal Alexandru Todea



Live Reporting from the Vatican



Reporting live from the Sanctification Mass of Pope John Paul II and John XXIII, for Digi24


Reporting Live from the World Youth Day in Cologne

for Realitatea TV

Live Reporting from Vatican


Live Broadcast Director

From Pope John Paul II visit in Bucharest

to the visit of Pope Francis visit in Romania



Consultant for the Live Broadcast of the Papal Mass in Blaj

aired by TVR


Consultant for the Live Broadcast of Vladimir Ghika's Beatification Mass

aired by TVR

1999: Pope John Paul II

visit in Romania  -

live broadcast director for ProTV





Pope Francis in Blaj.jpg
Live Broadcasting
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